Hello! I'm Alex.

I'm a photographer and videographer living in Durham, North Carolina. We have mild winters and great food. I have difficult winters and fast food. 

I was gifted a camera for Christmas when I was 17 and mostly ignored it until I was 22. Sometime around 23, I started taking pictures of shoes I was trying to sell on eBay. Then friends and pets. Mostly pets–in my experience, they’re usually cuter. At some point I made a switch to being serious about it. One of the greatest things photography has done for me is force me to not to hide behind the camera but to use it as a tool for conversation, collaboration, and creation. By day, you can find me creating blog content and filming/editing tutorial videos for Spoonflower. At night, you can find me opening an excessive amount of tabs on Google Chrome, and forgetting to read the articles. I have a passion for telling stories - I’d love to tell yours.